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Child custody and support


Child Support Modification Attorney

When life circumstances change, child custody and child support orders from the past may no longer apply in the present. Particularly when jobs or finances change or when the best interests of children can be better served, these orders need to be legally changed, whether they result from a divorce (as in most cases) or whether parents were never married. 

If your child support or child custody situation feels unsustainable, unfair or inappropriate, I may be able to help by petitioning a court for a modification. As a family law attorney, I help clients to work toward fair and equitable arrangements that can bring relief and improve family functioning. 

Changing Child Custody Orders

As children grow and parents' lives change, custody arrangements may need to be adjusted. I help clients obtain modification of child custody orders due to factors like:

  • Geographic changes in which one parent moves away due to a job change or another issue
  • Developmental changes where children get older and wish to spend more time with a noncustodial parent
  • Problematic remarriage or relationship issues

Changing Child Support Orders

In Alaska, child support payments are generally determined using a formula that takes into account both parents' income, custodial arrangements and expenses for the children. I help clients obtain modification of child support orders due to:

  • Income reductions or job losses for payers of child support
  • Income changes for recipients of child support
  • Changes in custody arrangements, such as in situations where children begin spending more overnights with a noncustodial parent 
  • Changes in day care expenses
  • Changes in medical expenses